BrightVR Stream – 360 VR Camera

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All-in-one, 360 VR camera for streaming of 4K video.

  • Capture, stich and broadcast instantly
  • Real-time stitching and stream 360 video with 4K@30fps
  • Built-in FPGA-based real-time auto stitching process. No computer required
  • Factory calibrated;

Ideal for: Broadcasters, Sports, Live-Events, Production Houses and Digital Channels.

Available on backorder

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BrightVR Stream 360 Camera

BrightVR is a state-of-the-art “360 camera”, using dedicated hardware to encode and stitch it’s 4 sensors images into a live 4K full spherical image.

The camera is able to encode and stream the stitched content into a RTMP or RTSP live stream through WIFI or Ethernet, avoiding the need for any extra hardware or software to have your event live on a social media platform.

Its size, weight and the ability to operate from its battery makes BrightVR ideal to travel light.

Easy setup (no cabling, no additional hardware, no calibration) makes it simple to use, thus you can focus on your stories instead of “fighting” with the technology.

MOG VIZZI Platform is the ideal way to manage and distribute your content online. BrightVR is fully integrated with VIZZI.

While combining BrightVR 360 camera with Vizzi video platform you can easily stream your immersive contents for immediate delivery. You can also integrate it directly with social networks like YouTube and Facebook.

Product Highlights

  • Easy setup – No rigs, No Cabling, Stitch is factory calibrated;
  • Built-in Live Stitching – Real-time FPGA based stitching process;
  • Live 360 Stream – Stream directly from the camera to your social media platform using it’s WIFI or Ethernet connectivity;
  • Low Power – Low power solution that makes the camera small, light and truly portable;
  • Battery Operated – External battery allows for up to 2h continuous recording;
  • 4K with 4 Sensors – Uses four Sony IMX Family Sensors to create a stitched 4K image (3840×1920) up to 30fps;
  • Audio – 4K video with Stereo Audio incorporated;
  • No Moving Parts – Makes the camera reliable and silent, no fans. Its full aluminum body is able to dissipate the generated heat;
  • Truly Portable – WIFI and Ethernet connectivity allow the camera to be used live anywhere. When offline it can record to the SD card;
  • Full Spherical FOV – True 360 Output image, no blind spots.



Technical Specifications

Video Resolutions  3840×1920; 1920×960
Frame Rates  25fps; 30fps
Output Projection  Equirectangular
Output FOV  Full Spherical
Video Encoding  H264 (Multiple Profiles from 10 to 48 Mbps)
Audio  Audio Stereo
File Format  MP4 (Video); JPEG(Pictures)
Stream Protocols   RTMP(push); RTSP (pull)
Media Storage   Micro SD Card. Up to 512GB, Class 10, Speed Grade U3
Network Connectivity  Ethernet; WIFI
Sensors  4 x Sony Sensor 12MP
Lenses  4 x F2.4 Fisheye
Weight   1060 grams (Without battery module)

1305 grams (With battery module)

Dimensions  9,7 x 11 x 11 cm (without battery module, no WIFI antenna)

16 x 11 x 11 cm (with battery module and WIFI antenna)

Power Supply  External Power adapter (110-240V)

Battery Pack

Battery Module:
Capacity   2 x 2400 mAh (2 x Battery Slots)
Autonomy/Duration   up to 2 hours
Dimensions   4,5 x 6 x 7 cm
Weight   With 2 x batteries cells: 245 grams
  • Watertight box;
  • BrightVR 360 Camera;
  • Battery Module;
  • 2 x Batteries cells;
  • Remote interface cable;
  • Remote interface box;
  • 32GB SD Card;
  • WIFI antenna;
  • Power Adapter;
  • Tripod Adapter;
  • Lens cleaning tissue.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 42 × 33 × 18 cm
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